Client Testimonials



Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland.

"Siobhan worked for us here at the Restaurants Association of Ireland during our extremely busy Awards Season. Her work was excellent and we were very happy to have her with us. We wish her all the best in the future with talkWRITE."



Marie Caffrey, Managing Director, Universal Floral Ltd.

"I highly recommend spending time with Siobhán. She helped me clarify my digital media strategy for our family interior landscaping business and in focusing on my short term goals to achieve immediate results."




Paul O'Connell, Festival Founder and Director, UPRISE Festival Europe.

"Siobhán is an integral part of the PR machine for UPRISE Festival Europe in Dublin. Our greatest ambassador and champion handling the run up with media and guide through on the day of the event. We love Siobhan's energy and attention to detail and hope she will join us as we move to the next stage of growth"