Silly Season Solutions

Any journalist will tell you the summer months can drag. People are away, the government take enormous holidays and official Ireland tends to shut down any time there is a bank holiday. Hence the term 'silly season'.

A business can suffer in the same way with quieter weeks creeping into the schedule. 

Instead of enjoying the time to catch up on paperwork and other duties, panic can set in and take over. I know because I spent a couple of weeks in June worrying. I worried that I simply wasn't busy enough. I worried about income in the summer months and I worried about being worried.

Then I stopped. Mid-June, I had an epiphany.

If things go quiet because it's summer and people are away and the work you do the other months of the year isn't required at that time, relax. It's really important to have a breather and take stock of what you do have.

So this is how I get through the summer months:

  • For my current clients, I delve into the extra bit of work I can do for them. Currently, I'm working on SEO for client websites. 
  • I revisit old blogs and update as necessary.
  • I'm meeting new clients and setting up new projects.
  • When my work is done for the day I make sure to have a coffee and catch up with existing clients and old colleagues to find out how they are getting on.
  • I address the stuff that is often procrastinated: filing receipts and book keeping.

Since I stopped panicking, I've suddenly found myself far more likely to have new ideas for clients, new ways of approaching projects and time for myself. Oh, and a smile and positive outlook will help you on your way.

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou