Starting over

...I've got to tell you about my new startup.

I've set up my own company after 17 years in journalism. Frightening? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely. Living the dream? Most definitely.

Do you want to hear more? I've called it TalkWrite. Essentially you get me, an award-winning journalist talking and writing on your behalf.

The idea for TalkWrite grew out of a deep determination to achieve something that was my own. A creative baby that allows me to incorporate all the skills I've built up over the last two decades. 

I can write newspaper articles - 13 years at The Sunday Times proves that. I have broadcasting experience on television and radio - RTE, TV3, Today FM and Newstalk are proof of that.

Now to mesh that experience into one package and there you have it, TalkWrite!

If you are a business looking for someone to take care of written content or require media training or a spokesperson, get in touch. I can look after these things for you - allowing you to get on with your own work while I handle any public relations that might be needed. 


What I do:

* Content and Editorial

* Copywriting

* Blogs and social media

* PR

* Media training

Get in touch if you would like to hear more: