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Get by with a little help from your friends

Get by with a little help from your friends

Five months ago, I embarked on a journey to set up my own business. talkWRITE does exactly what it says on the tin - talking and writing on your behalf. And now that I'm consistently busy, working to a schedule and confident I am doing just fine, contemplation has set in and I can see the defining factors in my motivation were good people.

When I left print journalism - I'm still proactive on consumer affairs in TV and radio - I was privileged to have many contacts who fully supported and committed to my personal challenge of setting up a business.

These are men and women from all walks of life who meet with me regularly to see how I'm getting on and offer advice, support and a lot of laughs.

You see it's people that make things happen. Personalities differ and opinions clash but when there are good intentions and encouragement, you feel like anything is possible.

While I'm not going to identify my key supporters by name - you know who you are - I will say their belief in me and what I can do - am doing - has been an incredible stimulus.

Freelance writers have sat me down and explained the tax system as a self-employed person; business women and men have prepped me on the secret to a successful pitch; two women in PR who I greatly admire shared trade tips and informed me on VAT payments, invoices and billing systems; while others will meet for a coffee and listen and advise.

One incredible man who I know and respect a long time has been so helpful in terms of client sourcing and getting my name out there, I feel I should have him on a payroll. Instead, his mantra is: 'I help you so you in turn help others'. 

We often only hear of the worst from the world of business. A terrain of catty competitiveness and ruthless undercutting, yet my experience thus far has been positive and inspirational.

And as I continue, I have taken my chief mentor's advice on board and help others where I can and you know what, it's a hugely rewarding feeling.

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